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Balboni, P.E
Didattica dell'italiano come lingua seconda e straniera.
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Balboni, P. E. (2014). Didattica dell'italiano come lingua seconda e straniera. Torino: Loescher/Bonacci.
In 1994 the first scientific series of Bonacci opened with Didattica dell'italiano a stranieri, by Paolo E. Balboni. Twenty years have passed and the new scientific series of Bonacci opens with this volume by the same author - a sign of significant continuity, but also a sign of the fact that in twenty years the "old" volume was no longer adaptable to the new times .
The introduction, which describes what happened in twenty years in the teaching of languages, gives rise to great changes: from the appearance of the Framework to the common levels of certification, from Skype, which makes the communication approach to the internet really possible. infinite bank of oral texts, written, literary, microlinguistic, sung, recited. Few disciplines have experienced Copernican revolutions of this magnitude.
This volume takes note of this revolution and makes it its own by drawing a new perspective for teaching Italian as a foreign language, in the world, and as a second language, in Italy.
Key words
foreign languages, language learning, theories and methods
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