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Zoletto D.
Straniero in classe, Una pedagogia dell’ospitalità
Full reference
Zoletto, D. (2007). Straniero in classe, Una pedagogia dell’ospitalità. Milano: Raffaello Cortina.
"What am I doing here?", Is the question that foreign   students ask in class, lost in the middle of a school, to classmates and to a language that they know almost nothing. But it is also the question that teachers often ask in front of students who do not know how to help. Foreigners in both classes, the teacher and the student can suffer this disorientation in a passive way, seeking refuge in old and new stereotypes. But they can also make such a disorientation a starting point. In this perspective the book covers the phases in which the school reception protocols are articulated: first reception, first knowledge, insertion, Italian as second language, curricula, relations with the territory. In each of these phases, in fact, difficulties can become an opportunity to re-invent a more hospitable school.
Key words
intercultural education, school design, hospitable school
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