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La Grassa M., Troncarelli D.
Orientarsi in rete. Didattica delle lingue e tecnologie digitali.
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La Grassa, M. & Troncarelli, D. (cur.). (2001). Orientarsi in rete. Didattica delle lingue e tecnologie digitali. Firenze: Becarelli.
The book collects contributions from experts in the field of teaching Italian language and culture, in particular through the use of digital technologies. The contributions of the Coordinate section frame, from a theoretical point of view, the interrelated issues on which the volume focuses: didactics of the language; teacher training; use of digital technologies in teaching; interculturalism. The contributions of the Experiences section, on the other hand, are more closely linked to experiences carried out "in the field" in virtual learning environments, with different approaches and methodologies and with different profiles of learners.
The authors discuss the various themes highlighting the potential in the use of digital technologies and at the same time highlighting how their effective use requires methodological adaptations, also relevant, by the teachers.
Key words
digital technologies, virtual learning, training, teaching,   learning, methodologies
Other interesting information
The volume is aimed primarily at an audience of users who already have a basic glottodidactic training (Master's students, Postgraduate Schools, Professionalization courses, Master's Degrees) and those who, more generally, are interested in issues related to language teaching and of non-maternal culture, especially with the use of digital technologies.
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