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Vedovelli M.
Guida all’italiano per stranieri. Dal “Quadro comune europeo per le lingue” alla “Sfida salutare”
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Vedovelli, M. (2010). Guida all’italiano per stranieri. Dal “Quadro comune europeo per le lingue” alla “Sfida salutare”. Roma: Carocci.
In recent years the condition of Italian as L2 has changed profoundly, enriching itself with new potential. New audiences have   approached Italian, first of all foreign immigrants, with new needs and motivations for training. Even among teachers, the need for more adequate qualification   is increasingly pressing. The linguistic policy of the Community institutions plays an important role in these processes. In the new edition it compares the themes of teaching planning, assessment and certification of  linguistic-communicative skills with what proposed by the community indications and with the issues arising in the Italian school from the presence of the children of foreign immigrants.
Key words
European linguistic policy, certification, foreign immigrants
Other interesting information
The volume is intended for students of university courses and Italian and foreign teachers of Italian L2. It is based on the analysis of the Common European Framework for Languages ​​(the Framework) and the Healthy  Challenge, the last major documents of European linguistic policy.
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University of Florence
Co-funded by The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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