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Jan Průcha
Intercultural Psychology
Full reference
Průcha, J. (2004) Intercultural Psychology. Prague: Portál
Sociopsychological exploration of cultures, ethnicities, races and nations. For today's world, there is a high degree of encounter between people of different cultures, races and nations, sometimes in the form of peaceful coexistence and co-operation, sometimes conflicts. Therefore, there is an increasing interest in the scientific study of psychological differences between peoples and cultures, their differences in communication, value systems, family education and a number of other aspects. In an informally rich book, the author gives an overview of the past knowledge gathered in recent years. It deals with both the theoretical concepts and the research findings of, for example, the differences between cultures, the psychological problems of immigrants and ethnic minorities, the differences in communication styles. The thesis also deals with the application of knowledge of intercultural psychology to areas such as education, management, health care or conflict resolution.
Key words
Sociopsychological aspects, Different cultures, Intercultural psychology
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