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Carolyn Graham
Singing, Chanting, Telling Tales: Arts in the Language Classroom.
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Graham, C. (1992). Singing, Chanting, Telling Tales: Arts in the Language Classroom. New Jersey: Prentice Halls.
Ideas and step-by-step instructions for creating and using chants, poetry, and songs in the ESL classroom are presented. The technique is offered as an alternative to conventional pattern practice, emphasizing rhythms of the spoken language and reinforcing structures, sounds, and  functions of American English. Ideas are presented in three sections. The first, on jazz chants,  explains  the close relationship between rhythm and language, the use of jazz rhythm to help students make the connection, classroom use of chants, and techniques for creating different types of chants to teach functions, practice special sounds, and develop vocabulary. The second section, on poetry, presents examples of several poem types: memory poems; formula poems; list poems;  telling tales; and tales about places. A birthday party poem is also included. The third  unit  focuses on songs, and outlines techniques for writing ESL lyrics to familiar melodies,  creating lyrics step by step, and writing instant lyrics, and lists easy melodies and older popular  songs. This  section also contains a variety of sample song lyrics and children's songs.  Assignments are suggested after each section.
Key words
poetry, songs, ESL, techniques, jazz chants
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Teresa Dello Monaco - teresa.monaco@mosaicartsound.com
Co-funded by The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
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