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Susanna Zaraysky
Language Is Music: 64 Fun & Easy Tips to Learn Foreign Languages Fast
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Zaraysky S. (2009), Language Is Music: 64 Fun & Easy Tips to Learn Foreign Languages Fast. Cupertino, CA, USA: Kaleidomundi.
Language is Music focuses on making learning foreign languages fun, easy and affordable for anyone with a desire to communicate effectively with people around the world. By applying over 70 simple tips to things you already do, such as listening to music or surfing the Web, you can experience the joy of "fluency" in any language without having to study abroad or spend money on private tutors. In Language is Music, Susanna Zaraysky masterfully shares her listening  methods so that anyone can have fun learning any language. With over 70 tips and 90 free or low-cost Internet resources, you will learn how to use daily activities, such as watching T.V. or listening to music; conversation partners; and attendance at cultural events to become a masterful speaker of any tongue.
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Fun learning, language fluency, teaching   tips
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The author is self-made linguist Susanna Zaraysky who has what might be called "an ear" for languages, having used music to successfully learn English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Serbo-Croatian-all with excellent accents.
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Teresa Dello Monaco - teresa.monaco@mosaicartsound.com
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