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Berg, L.
'Mate Speak English, You're in Australia Now': English Language   Requirements in Skilled Migration
Full referencesBerg, L. (2011). 'Mate Speak English, You're in Australia Now': English Language Requirements in Skilled Migration, Alternative Law Journal 36 (2): 110 -115.
The last decade has seen the introduction or increase in English language thresholds across Australia's skilled permanent migration program and, in some cases, for applicants for temporary skilled visas. These increases have been achieved variously by regulatory amendment and judicial interpretation of the Migration Regulations. This article charts these trends, unpacks the policy rationales that have been offered for these increases and explores their undesirable and unintended consequences.
Key words
Skilled migration, English language, White Australia policy
Other interesting information
Language requirements policies in place in   immigration country can create exclusionary practices and reflect xenophobic   attitudes. Although learning English is essential for integration, it should   retain cultural diversity and personality such as accents to avoid giving the   message that speaking differently does not give migrants the right to be   here.
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Stéphanie Barillé -   stephanie@unak.is
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