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Mace, D.
Teaching about multicultural food to multicultural students in a   multicultural school
Full references
Mace. D. (2010). Teaching about multicultural food   to multicultural students in a multicultural school, Geography 95: 80-87.
This article describes how the Food   Stories website has been used with year 11 students. As well as motivating them, the site has helped to develop their understanding of cultural   pluralism, integration and assimilation. The article describes how the   students were able to draw on a variety of resources and their own   experiences of food to make links between migration and multicultural   societies.
Key words
Minority & Ethnic Groups ; Students ; Web   Sites ; Health Services ; Cultural Identity ; Ethnic Foods ; Multiculturalism   & Pluralism
Other interesting information
Food and lifestyle can   reflect the extent of integration and the understanding that students have of   other cultures. Taking food as the main topic facilitated the approach to   topics related to migration and integration. It provided students with an   awareness of the culture behind the food.
Interest for the project
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Stéphanie Barillé -   stephanie@unak.is
Co-funded by The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
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